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【Important】 Notice Regarding Payment Deadlines (Update: 09/01)



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    Thanks to your extended deadline time I managed to keep paying most of my orders on time rather than cancelling everything. A very helpful aid during the hard time everybody had thanks to COVID's outbreak. It's understandable for you to try getting back payments deadline to normal because as a business you must do what it takes to keep running. I will try to keep up on paying my remaining others for the rest of the year. It will be tougher now but it's understandable. I hope if we ever need to request more time to pay you can understand. As customers we are trying to honor the preorders we placed on your store. 

    Hopefully you can come up with a temporary shipping alternative to Japan Post for countries where DHL is not an alternative or it's too expensive, such as the Premium Surface Mail alternative for United States. 

    Than you, for something you are my favorite store 

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